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  1. Copy the en directory containing all language files for English to another directory. In this example we will use xy. cp -r /home/midnightstreamer/iptv_midnight_streamer/wwwdir/admin/application/language/en /home/midnightstreamer/iptv_midnight_streamer/wwwdir/admin/application/language/xy Open the form_lang.php language file and edit the $lang['form_panel_language'] variable: $lang['form_panel_language'] = 'English'; -> $lang['form_panel_language'] = 'Language1'; Now the new language will show on both the default language list in General Settings and in the administrator profile: You can now customize any text of the panel in your own language editing these three files: form_lang.php (file containing translations for fields and hints) help_lang.php (file containing translations for the contextual help) menu_lang.php (file containing translations for the left menu entries)
  2. Force folder watch is now included in v5.1.5. If you feel folder watch doesn't work for you please open a ticket.
  3. You have two options. Migrate by an sql file, or by providing the login info of the database you want to migrate from.
  4. We apologize for the delays on the new UI and for not being able to give a deadline, but we're so busy with core updates that we have to put it on hold for now. We will release the new UI soon after implementing all the important core updates.
  5. 5.2.4 [February 25, 2024] Added: panel statistics overview [admin] Changed: the geoip database file integrity is now checked before the database is updated [core] Changed: increased import stream timeout from 15 to 60 minutes [core] Changed: license key now cannot be changed within the panel UI [admin] Fixed: enigma2 devices table not loading all records [admin] Fixed: the check on allowed IPs did not bypass global restrictions for MAGs [core] Fixed: Formuler STBs and MYTVOnline did not load VODs and series when using MAC addresses [core] 5.2.3 [February 20, 2024] Added: option to (re)prepare selected VODs and episodes [admin] Added: remaining days before expiration for lines and MAGs [admin] Changed: allowed IPs for lines and MAGs now have the priority over locked / blocked countries, ISPs, proxies, VPN, datacenters and TOR [core] Fixed: catchup for smarters, xciptv, iptv stream player [core] Fixed: viewing statistics taking a long time [admin] Fixed: converting MAGs to Lines didn't include the hls / mpegts / rtmp settings [admin] 5.2.2 [February 15, 2024] Added: mass delete categories button [admin] Added: notes field to resellers [admin] Changed: MAPS are now applied to redirected live streams and VODs too [core] Changed: panel languages can now be customized [admin] Changed: optimized memory usage when processing large EPG files [core] Fixed: disconnect signals were not applied to clients connected to the main server and making new connections to LBs [core] Fixed: primary audio and subtitles language were not saved in stalker portal [core] Fixed: resellers could see entries of other resellers in "Client Request Error Log" [admin] 5.2.1 [February 5, 2024] Added: username/device column to credits log list [admin] Added: category filter to series list [admin] Added: option to select the panel version during installation Changed: increased security when redirecting to LBs [core] Fixed: php-fpm segfaults occasionally occurred from the previous panel version [core] Fixed: stalker portal debug mode not working [core] Fixed: custom channel EPGs not synchronizing correctly [core] Fixed: when selecting a language of a live stream the video stream was not included [core] 5.2.0 [January 29, 2024] Added: option to select the current feed of custom channels Added: option to clear the tmdb info from VODs [admin] Added: Flussonic token for VODs [admin] Changed: forcing clients to connect to a server is now strict. If the target server is offline the client will not be redirected to other LBs [core] Changed: increased performance and security when redirecting to LBs [core] Fixed: importing episodes belonging to series with the same name and different years was inconsistent [core] 5.1.9 [January 19, 2024] Added: option to order MAG channels by number Changed: HTTPS clients now download HTTPS playlist URLs [admin] Changed: Direct Streaming Connect Timeout is now set to 3 seconds by default. The timeout is applied to each source backup separately Changed: resellers can now assign negative credits to subresellers [admin] Fixed: cron jobs were not recreated after a database restore [core] Fixed: posters not copied to the main server using folder watch on LBs [core] 5.1.8 [January 16, 2024] Added: mass import from folder when creating VODs and episodes [admin] Added: created date and time info for VODs and series Changed: inactive ffmpeg on-demand streams are now closed within 1 minute [core] Changed: newest STB models are now included in local recording module in stalker portal [core] Fixed: priority backup not working with ffmpeg streams [core] Fixed: MAGs could start recording even if the record module was disabled [core] Fixed: lines/MAGs lists opening slowly in the admin UI when using a large amount of lines and streams [admin] Fixed: custom ffmpeg couldn't be selected when creating episodes [admin] Fixed: E2 bouquets changed content when selecting bouquets in mass edit lines [admin] 5.1.7 [January 8, 2024] Changed: Guessit VOD parser is now the default Changed: now direct source VODs are copied across LBs too [core] Fixed: username and password were exposed with encrypted playlists when redirecting to LBs [core] Fixed: custom channels not working with non-ts feeds [core] Fixed: folder watch not importing series with names containing only numbers [core] Fixed: now archives can be viewed up to 30 days in the past on stalker portal [core] Fixed: add new reseller API returned error [core] Fixed: no-video/banned line/expired line videos not working when prebuffer was bigger than video length [core] Fixed: closed connections could not be deleted [admin] 5.1.6 [December 26, 2023] Changed: new ffprobe binary Changed: updated ffmpeg parameters for live streams Fixed: delayed streams not working with Segment Muxer [core] Fixed: local MAG timezone was ignored when displaying EPG [core] Fixed: map search not working for live streams [admin] Fixed: occasional duplicated results displayed when filtering services by bouquets [admin] 5.1.5 [December 19, 2023] Added: multi DNS for servers Added: encrypt playlist option for lines Added: server selection for watch folders Added: folder watch manual scan option Added: scan live stream sources [admin] Added: line to MAG and MAG to line paring for resellers Added: rebuild iptables rules command [admin] Added: number of B frames to transcoding options Added: mass change movie directory tool [admin] Added: multicast rtp support for direct streams [core] Changed: now all stream / VOD URLs for MAGs are encrypted by default Changed: removed "allow m3u download" option for MAGs Changed: improved custom channels caching [core] Changed: youtube-dl is now used with bash command grouping to retrieve URLs Changed: custom DNS option for resellers moved from profile to General Settings [admin] Changed: default parental password for Lines and STBs is now 1111. Password 0000 is still used to disable parental control Fixed: favorites for series not working in stalker portal [core] Fixed: occasional deadlocks occurring when writing to db 5.1.4 [December 6, 2023] Added: field user for MAGs [admin] Changed: dashboard world map is now clickable and it shows connected users [admin] Fixed: search series in stalker portal [core] Fixed: epg not processing all events [core] Fixed: not all user bouquets were shown for admins if users were created by a reseller [admin] 5.1.3 [December 4, 2023] Changed: added option to tmdb tool to auto scan VODs/series and episodes separately [core] Changed: stalker portal series episodes are now grouped by season [core] Fixed: panel not re-starting if additional http(s) port were set [core] Fixed: restreamers finder not opening [admin] Fixed: enigma2 service type for VODs was set to DVB [core] 5.1.2 [November 29, 2023] Added: user agent / country / IP locks Added: ISPs blacklist Added: ISP aliases Added: on/off switch for IPv6 on server level Added: on/off switch for stream monitoring on server level Added: HTTP headers for streams and VODs Added: restart selected streams [admin] Added: mass delete / edit series [admin] Changed: the LB IPs are now automatically added to the flood exclude list [core] Changed: now enigma2 epgimport plugin can download the EPG from multiple panels [core] Changed: the panel now imports only EPGs that are assigned to streams [core] Changed: added allowed IPs and user agents to migration script [core] Changed: HTTPS clients are now forced to use HTTPS port to open streams [core] Fixed: timezone not taken into account when displaying logs time [admin] Fixed: duplicate VODs displayed [admin] Fixed: nbsp character is now automatically removed from post fields [admin] Fixed: on-demand cron checker failed with too many on-demand streams [core] Fixed: direct streams in on-demand mode failed to start under heavy load [core] Fixed: nginx was not reloaded after generating a letsencrypt certificate for the first time [core] 5.1.1 [November 10, 2023] Changed: now custom channels loop from the last feed to the first even if the feed container is not MPEGTS [core] Changed: statistics now show the number of connections instead of the number of online users [admin] Changed: added 10 seconds tolerance to Flussonic connections [core] Fixed: incorrect number of overall connections shown when a large amount of consecutive requests hit LBs Fixed: folder watch did not import VODs with upper case extensions [core] 5.1.0 [November 4, 2023] Added: custom FFmpeg binary option for streams / VODs / custom channels / posters Added: bouquet filter for streams / VODs / custom channels [admin] Added: option to interrupt database restore and migration [admin] Changed: default user agent is now set to "Mozilla/5.0" for streams, VODs and source probing Changed: custom channel feed importer now scans subdirectories too [core] Changed: only files with video extension are now imported when importing custom channels feeds [core] Changed: the migration tool now imports streams EPGs and blocked IPs too from XC databases [core] Changed: now a log file is created to debug installation errors on LBs (/root/screenlog.0) [core] Fixed: LBs fail to install on systems without the /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend file [core] Fixed: streams occasionally marked as failing but still working on LBs [core] Fixed: redirect to LBs with archives [core] Fixed: max allowed connections setting not applied when assigning subscription plans [core] Fixed: multiline import not importing categories when "Include categories from m3u" was set to Yes [core] 5.0.8 [October 22, 2023] Added: server and category filters for streams / VODs / custom channels [admin] Changed: ffmpeg on-demand streams now go off instantly if there are no users watching them [core] Fixed: ffmpeg on-demand not working with HLS muxer [core] Fixed: ffmpeg on-demand streams were disabled after server reboot [core] 5.0.7 [October 19, 2023] Added: stream segments custom path per server Added: nginx playlist URL rewrite [core] Changed: URL decoding removed from xss filtering on input fields [admin] Fixed: stream monitor started even if ffmpeg didn't start due to connection timing out [core] Fixed: reboot of a single LB causing all connections to disappear from lines log [core] 5.0.6 [October 15, 2023] Added: command line tool (./toolbox) to retrieve access code, to restart panel services and to reset admin password Added: option to change file server when mass editing VODs [admin] Changed: HLS is now the default muxer for streams and custom channels [admin] Changed: movies and episodes are now analyzed much faster [core] Changed: the reseller group can now not be removed and its access pages cannot be modified [admin] Fixed: panel backups not working after last update [core] Fixed: lb install on Ubuntu sometimes requires psmisc to be installed [admin] Fixed: required pip modules for guessit parser were not installed on some systems [core] Fixed: catchup not working for xciptv and ott nav (seeking not working yet) [core] Fixed: categories and bouquets were deleted using the Update TMDb Details tool and when Folder Watch allocations were not set [core] 5.0.5 [October 7, 2023] Added: option to set UI session timeout [admin] Added: option to force logout on UI session timeout [admin] Added: disallow 2nd IP connection option Added: migration from XC based panels from backup file Added: option to create new categories when importing from m3u Fixed: Enigma service type is now set automatically to 4097 for radio streams [core] 5.0.4 [October 1, 2023] Added: output muxer option for live streams and custom channels Changed: import tool now imports logo links too [core] Changed: line restriction are now checked immediately when clients open streams [core] Fixed: old custom channel segments were not deleted [core] Fixed: browser now does not wait for Letsencrypt to finish when forcing certificate update [admin] Fixed: stream settings not saving correct values for E2 service type [admin] Fixed: migration from XC databases was not working from remote IPs [core] 5.0.3 [September 21, 2023] Added: create multiline for resellers [admin] Added: confirmation on new / extend Line and MAG for resellers [admin] Changed: improved antidrop performance [core] Changed: when the main server is restarted the PID database table is now truncated [core] Fixed: online streams were occasionally displayed as inactive [admin] 5.0.2 [September 16, 2023] Added: option to disable / enable portal, MS and XC player API Added: mass delete Lines Added: multiple Lines creation Added: purge cache tool Changed: now users are dropped on expire date even while watching [core] Fixed: incorrect m3u8 tvg-logo value when path is URL [core] Fixed: no-video didn't show for streams with bad source [core] Fixed: EPG updater timed out with very large XMLs [core] 5.0.1 [September 9, 2023] Added: StbEmuTV support for iOS [core] Changed: EPG is now timeshifted in minutes and can be adjusted in the future Changed: "Include All Tracks Found in Stream" default to Yes [admin] Changed: now logos path can be set by URLs and local files Changed: portal channel icons are now not protected by the player's MAC address (not all players send cookies when retrieving images) [core] Fixed: no video / expired / banned line videos not working without a reseller [core] Fixed: stream preview in UI matches the HTTP(s) protocol of the current session [core] 5.0.0 [July 11, 2023] Added: option to download backups from the admin UI [admin] Changed: improved HLS Proxy [core] Changed: "Include All Tracks Found in Stream" now includes all audio tracks. Now there is no need to select each individual audio track with Custom MAP [core] Changed: video/audio info is now shown immediately after stream info is available [admin] Changed: reordered Line download script list [admin] Fixed: channel ID was shown instead of channel name when using EPG timeshift [admin] Fixed: streams occasionally failed to start after server reboot [core] Fixed: Stalker Portal timeshift (not Catch-up) not working [core] 4.9.9 [June 21, 2023] Added: VOD subtitles font size Changed: improved Direct Streaming opening time (TS to TS) [core] Changed: now streams/VODs/Lines are searchable by ID [admin] Fixed: streams preserving the setting "Append Token to Redirected Response" when using Mass Edit and when Redirect was set to No [admin] Fixed: MAP search not working [admin] 4.9.8 [June 14, 2023] Added: Enigma2 Service Type option for streams Added: Radio Stream, Solution and Enigma2 Service Type options to custom channels [admin] Change: stream backups can now be ordered [admin] Change: cache is now immediately refreshed after mass edit [admin] Change: stream segment time can now be smaller than 10s Fixed: potential VOD preparation queue jams could have occurred [core] Fixed: streams selection was not preserved on mass edit error [admin] Fixed: the "Delete Existing Subtitles" VOD option now deletes only input subtitle tracks [core] 4.9.7 [June 2, 2023] Changed: increased security and performance for the integrated Stalker Portal [core] Fixed: now clients are disconnected immediately if they trying to connect to direct streams with broken sources [core] Fixed: catchup not working with Smarters and IPTV Stream Player (additional fix from previous update) [core] Fixed: clients not quitting if streams were transitioned from Flussonic to non-Flussonic [core] Fixed: STB EMU not showing channel icons [core] Fixed: direct streams did not terminate with broken multicast sources (fix from previous update) [core] 4.9.6 [May 26, 2023] Changed: for compatibility reasons, now the EPG XML includes the "desc" tag even if the EPG description is empty [core] Fixed: direct streaming not reusing multicast bindings [core] Fixed: catchup not working with Smarters and IPTV Stream Player [core] Fixed: "ALL" category was empty with Smarters player [core] Fixed: multiscreen not working with Smarters player when max connections was set to 0 [core] Fixed: short EPG not working with Smarters player [core] Fixed: dropping server clients not working [admin] 4.9.5 [May 21, 2023] Changed: improved HLS security [core] Changed: the built-in stalker portal is now open to all STB models [core] Fixed: panel not activating under particular circumstances [core] Fixed: Flussonic not working when max limit was set to 0 [core] 4.9.4 [May 17, 2023] Changed: the tmp directory has been moved to the streams directory to avoid running out of space on the tmp partition [core] Changed: the "Change Stream URL" tool now changes the entire URL, not just up to the port [admin] Fixed: PTN VOD parser not working on systems without the "python" symlink to python2.7 [core] Fixed: Flussonic max limit [core] 4.9.3 [May 1, 2023] Added: reCAPTCHA [admin] Fixed: VODs not working with "IPTV Stream Player" for Windows [core] Fixed: cookie headers were sent when requesting API [core] Fixed: incorrect Flussonic connections shown when "Disable Token Authentication" was set to Yes [admin] Fixed: ordering not saved when creating new category [admin] Fixed: Kb was shown instead of Mb when bitrate bigger than 1Mb [admin] 4.9.2 [March 28, 2023] Added: YouTube VOD links [core] Changed: updated video.js to latest version Fixed: VODs not working if panel updated from v4.8.9 [core] Fixed: YouTube live links not working [core] Fixed: streams not starting after database restore without restarting panel [core] Fixed: SSIPTV and SmartOne not working on LG TVs [core] 4.9.1 [March 18, 2023] Added: option to disable Flussonic token authentication [core] Changed: cron service is now stopped when restoring from backups [core] Changed: current admin directories are added to the old ones after backup is restored [core] Changed: improved panel update to make it more robust when updating from older panel versions [core] Fixed: email backups producing incorrect content [core] Fixed: IPTV Stream Player not working on Windows [core] 4.9.0 [March 2, 2023] Changed: improved caching performance [core] Changed: cronjobs recreated when full-rebuild on LB is performed [admin] Fixed: auto-backups not creating backups under particular circumstances [core] Fixed: UI improvements and bugfixes [admin] 4.8.9 [January 3, 2021] Fixed: FFmpeg streams not starting under particular circumstances [core] Fixed: minor UI fixes [admin] 4.8.8 [February 25, 2023] Added: direct streaming continuous and on-demand mode setting Added: direct streaming delay Changed: improved direct streams start time in on-demand mode by 20% [core] Changed: resellers dashboard messages converted to groups dashboard messages [admin] Fixed: auto assign EPG for all streams not working [core] 4.8.7 [February 18, 2023] Added: activation codes mass creation Added: custom date / datetime format [admin] Changed: direct and on-demand streams can now be changed in mass edit streams without selecting LBs [admin] Changed: when creating lines and MAGs, non-reseller admins have to choose bouquets instead of subscription plans Changed: resellers can choose IP, UA and ISP lock when creating and editing lines / MAGs [admin] Changed: resellers can choose enigma2 bouquets when extending lines [admin] Changed: the migration tool now warns if wrong database parameters are supplied [admin] Changed: resellers can change their DNS in the profile settings [admin] Fixed: lines and MAGs grid searching showing error [admin] 4.8.6 [February 10, 2023] Changed: Proxy Streams renamed to Direct Streams [admin] Fixed: copy bouquets not working [admin] Fixed: web player login Fixed: streams list truncated in web player when EPG contains unclosed HTML tags 4.8.5 [February 5, 2023] Added: custom archive directory path Changed: improved UI navigation for touch devices [admin] Fixed: creating episodes from series page not working [admin] 4.8.3 [January 24, 2023] Changed: Stalker Portal and Ministra no longer use the panel API key for tmp links but a dedicated key instead (SYSTEM -> General Settings -> Stalker Key) Fixed: category mass edit for streams and VODs not working [admin] 4.8.2 [January 20, 2023] Added: HTTP proxy for load balancers Added: allow external PHP scripts option for LBs 4.8.1 [January 13, 2023] Added: IPv6 support Added: folder watch max items Changed: special chars can now be used in Line usernames and passwords Changed: left menu is now scrollable [admin] 4.8.0 [December 31, 2022] Added: TMDb genre to category / bouquets conversion (SYSTEM -> Folder Watch settings) Changed: watch folders can be added and edited from the Watch Folders list [admin] Changed: all schedule settings (auto-backups, cache sync, folder watch scanner) are rounded to fit cron [admin] Fixed: minor bugfixes 4.7.9 [December 23, 2022] Added: auto assign EPG to streams (SYSTEM -> Tools) Changed: live / VOD / series categories are now separated into distinct sections [admin] Fixed: delay in saving forms when many LBs are used [admin] 4.7.8 [December 19, 2022] Added: TMDb search for VODs and series [admin] Added: PTN and GuessIt VOD parsers Added: append year to VODs and series [admin] Changed: by default the auto-update TMDb tool updates only VODs without previous TMDb info (an option to update all VODs has been added) [admin] Fixed: resellers lines table error message [admin] Fixed: xc api (panel_api.php) [core] 4.7.7 [December 5, 2022] Added: EPG preview [admin] Changed: streams, custom channels and VODs view grouped by server [admin] Fixed: "Secure LB Connections" setting not working when copying VODs on LBs [core] 4.7.5 [November 28, 2022] Added: settings to optimize cache Added: fetch records limit setting for tables [admin] Added: Flussonic connections visible in Client Connection Log [admin] Added: search for services in bouquet editing [admin] Changed: HLS rate limiter. Now HLS connections are limited per server [core] Fixed: stream monitor using 100% CPU when too many streams fail [core] 4.7.4 [November 18, 2022] Changed: ajax async calls in admin area [admin] Changed: cache ttl increased to 5 minutes [core] Fixed: include all tracks setting not working correctly [core] Fixed: proxy streams not working on multilevel LBs [core] 4.7.3 [November 15, 2022] Added: scheduled local backups Added: sort by CPU/mem usage and kill PIDs [admin] Added: server edit API [core] Added: filename text overlay for VODs Changed: added CONNECTION_NORMAL check for live streams and VODs [core] Changed: added trial lines and MAGs to migration tool [core] Changed: login page is displayed when session expires [admin] Fixed: admin password could not be changed [admin] Fixed: ffprobe remaining in memory when unsuccessfully probing proxy stream sources [core] 4.7.0 [November 7, 2022] Changed: now multiple Admin Directories can be added Changed: cache is updated instantly on LBs when changing settings on panel Changed: LBs are now installed directly from main server Fixed: incorrect LBs time offset [core] Fixed: no audio when transcoding with multiple bitrates [core] Fixed: error showing when deleting MAGs [admin] 4.6.7 [October 31, 2022] Added: fast reload option for servers [admin] Changed: enhanced check for idle proxy streams [core] Fixed: wrong custom channel feed times [admin] 4.6.5 [October 28, 2022] Added: Let's Encrypt certificates Added: custom map search and select [admin] Changed: improved streams start time [core] 4.6.3 [October 22, 2022] Added: category ordering Added: option to rename admin directory [admin] Added: license info [admin] Changed: improved anti-drop [core] Changed: improved on demand streams start time [core] Changed: gzip compression enabled by default Fixed: HLS connections not showing in Closed Connections Log [admin] Fixed: live feeds info not showing in custom channels [admin] Fixed: enigma2 auto-script command [admin] 4.6.0 [October 10, 2022] Added: flussonic token authentication Changed: ffmpeg tee muxer used only for rtmp/udp and adaptive streaming. Single streams now use the segment muxer [core] Changed: improved caching system [core] Fixed: minor security fixes 4.5.9 [September 28, 2022] Changed: enabled fingerprints for HLS connections Changed: improved opening time for proxy streams [core] Changed: improved caching [core] Fixed: proxy streams not closing in particular circumstances [core] Fixed: HLS not working if Max Allowed Connections was not set to unlimited [core] 4.5.7 [September 21, 2022] Added: process level CPU / memory monitor under System -> CPU / Mem Usage [admin] Added: support for Ubuntu 22 Added: new option to hide Favorites in category list for MAG devices Changed: all settings are cached now. After lines and streams are enabled/disabled, you need to wait about 30s for the changes to take effect [core] Changed: ssh2 pecl extension replaced with phpseclib [core] Changed: the curl Cli tool can now be used without interfering with the libraries required by the panel Changed: the migration tool is now compatible with the Xui One database [core] Changed: favorites moved below "All" category in stalker portal [core] Fixed: preview on LB streams not working [admin] Fixed: backup tool doing backups twice [core] Fixed: custom channels restarting every minute after last panel update [core] Fixed: favorites not showing in stalker portal with streams not belonging to a category [core] Fixed: in some cases channels not showing in "All" category right after loading portal [core] Fixed: panel reset tool not working [admin] Fixed: no need to save streams after migrating from xc database [core] 4.5.5 [August 31, 2022] New: added support for newest MAG devices to stalker portal Changed: reduced anti-drop CPU usage by 80% [core] Changed: default use of redis for caching [core] Changed: 404 error code changed to 403 error code when restrictions applied in API/scripts download /client area/enigma2 [core] Fixed: open last played channel after loading portal [core] Fixed: username/password not generated automatically when not provided with API [core] Fixed: checking for username existence when creating new lines with API did not work [core] 4.5.1 [April 27, 2022] Added: Segment Time on stream level Changed: improved auto stream restart [core] Changed: increased timeout for proxied streams from 20s to 60s [core] Fixed: clients not being split correctly among LBs after update to version 4.5.0 [core] 4.5.0 [April 15, 2022] Added: youtube search in streams Changed: proxy streams are dropped within 1 minute of starting (not 10 seconds as before) [core] Changed: ffmpeg streams are restarted immediately after issuing the command [core] Changed: servers must have HTTPs port open in order for them be able to receive commands (server reboot, stream restart, disconnect clients...) [core] Changed: proxy VODs are no longer copied across LBs after preparation. Instead, they are read directly from the source [core] Changed: due to the implementation of a new streaming engine, monoscope is deprecated Changed: removed Proxy Drop Timeout from General Settings [admin][core] Changed: now Client Connection Log shows connections in real time (no 5 seconds delay) [admin] Changed: automatic redirect to referrer on logout after timeout [admin] Fixed: GPU0 was always used during decoding when GPUs other than the first were selected [core] Fixed: Device ID is now taken into account even when encoding only [core] 4.2.2 [December 16, 2021] Fixed: players based on exoplayer (among which also smarters's internal player) were slow at opening streams [core] 4.2.1 [December 13, 2021] Added: trial lines and MAGs Changed: resellers can now see only their own entries in Logins Log [admin] Changed: now all logos must be local [admin] Changed: there is no need to add a security exception to browser anymore [admin] Changed: added Subscription Plan column to Credits Log [admin] Changed: admins using the same PC/device now have their grid settings saved separately in the browser's local storage Fixed: added copytb and removed igndts parameter from ffmpeg command when streamcopying which was causing artifacts and audio loss when copying from h264 with variable frame rate streams [core] Fixed: stream backups not working when "Pull Stream Backups Simultaneously" was set to No [core] Fixed: bouquet IDs where logged instead of Subscription Plan in Activity Log when editing Lines/MAGs [admin] Fixed: login "remember me" not working with chrome and edge [admin] Fixed: proxy stream timeout was hardcoded to 4 seconds. Now the timeout respects the value set in General Settings [core] 4.1.5 [November 17, 2021] Changed: MAG portal can now be accessed with https [core] Fixed: MAG connection to https port [core] Fixed: Adaptive streaming not working when using external streams [core] Fixed: MAG portal logos (not picons) were logged as authenticated users [core] 4.1.2 [November 7, 2021] Added: user registration [admin] Changed: optimized queries for 100k+ records [admin] Fixed: language translations [admin] 4.1.1 [October 22, 2021] Added: fail-safe stream start. This prevents the server from becoming unresponsive when a large number of streams or channels are started at the same time [core] Added: tickets [admin] Added: reseller notes for lines, MAGs and enigma2 [admin] Added: button to copy reseller dashboard to all resellers [admin] Changed: resellers can now see only their own lines/MAGs claims [admin] Fixed: incorrect header height for resellers when using credits [admin] Fixed: header search not working properly for resellers [admin] 4.1.0 [September 22, 2021] Changed: decreased garbage collector interval from 60s to 30s resulting in a reduced memory usage [core] Changed: added the database table "bouquets" to local cache [core] Changed: non-proxied streams are now marked as not functioning when they cannot be started for the first time [admin] Fixed: countdown timer not showing the correct start time in no-video and line banned/expired videos [core] 4.0.3 [August 20, 2021] Added: hardsub/softsub for VOD Added: multiple subtitles for VOD Added: countdown timer for VOD Changed: images used for overlaying and subtitles files have to be manually copied to LBs now Fixed: panel was activated even if wrong mysql password was provided during installation Fixed: subtitles not being saved in VOD [admin] 4.0.2 [June 28, 2021] This update converts your subscription to a lifetime license including a year of free updates and support. Added: caching for servers and settings [core] Added: check for geoip and binaries file size during auto update [core] Added: hash check for admin area PHP files [core] [admin] Changed: licensing is not bound to midnightstreamer servers anymore Changed: cache serialization through igbinary instead of PHP native serialization [core] Changed: cache storage moved from apc to tmpfs [core] Changed: now it is possible to restore the database to panels with different IDs [core] Changed: optimized grid columns widths [admin] Fixed: API for MAG not working if MAC address was used instead of MAG ID [core] Fixed: dashboard warning for LB servers malfunction not working correctly [admin] 4.0.1 [June 10, 2021] Added: auto check for libcurl3 (in case has been upgraded by other packages) Fixed: feed info not showing in channels [admin] Fixed: file browser not showing files in VOD/Channels/Posters [admin] Fixed: proxy stream info not showing stream info when clicking proxy icon [admin] 4.0.0 [June 2, 2021] This is a major panel upgrade to the new version 4 that completely deprecates the CMS. At the end of the installation you can manage your panel directly on your server: http://your_server_ip:http_port/admin 3.3.6 [May 9, 2021] Added: expire date to MAPS Changed: database collation from utf8mb4_bin to utf8_general_ci Fixed: empty reference was created in EPG xml file if custom EPG SID was empty Fixed: VOD/Series not shown inside categories in Enigma2 plugin 3.3.5 [May 7, 2021] Added: Allow Direct Connections to LBs (LBs can act as a Secondary Main Servers) Added: GeoIP db versions in security center Fixed: If set, reseller's hostname was used when connecting to LB instead of server IP 3.3.4 [April 27, 2021] Added: proxy drop timeout parameter Changed: removed source headers check for proxy streams Changed: removed network interface check when starting streams from LB servers 3.3.2 [April 17, 2021] Added: mapping Added: random backup stream picking Added: option to start stream only if network interface is up 3.3.1 [April 2, 2021] Added: subcategories Added: activation code for auto account activation Added: admins can change Client Area URL Added: software decoding -> NVENC/QSV encoding Changed: proxy local VODs are read direcly without preparing/remaking Changed: streams/VODs are set to disabled after importing from m3u Fixed: subscription plan is reset when resellers save lines/MAGs without extending 3.3.0 [March 27, 2021] Added: resellers can move/remove bouquets Added: resellers can customize logo/copyrights Added: XC api support Added: short URL form for ts streams Added: Etag header to EPG Changed: series episodes are listed in separate grids Fixed: claim email sent two times Fixed: EPG not updating automatically with some providers 3.2.5 [February 24, 2021] Added: Stream Name filter to incoming RTMP streams in RTMP Push Management / Security Added: Unicast/Multicast UDP output in streams and channels Added: Proxies/VPNs/Providers/Tor filters to script download and client area Changed: logo images cache folder moved to tmp folder Fixed: Filter Graphs/transcoding not working correctly in RTMP output when adaptive streaming is set Fixed: RTMP drop command not working when multiple incoming streams from the same IP are present Fixed: Optimized execution speed of Stop/Start All Streams Fixed: VODs are shown in stalker portal even if no category is set 3.2.4 [January 29, 2021] New: added anti-drop delay parameter in General Settings New: added Folder Watch for VODs New: added selective filters for clients connecting from proxies/VPNs/Hosting providers/Tor exit nodes Changed: IP analyzer is deprecated. Anonymous IP database is used instead Changed: Streams/VODs/Channel Feeds imports are scheduled tasks now Changed: added http_proxy environment variable for Proxied Streams and VODs Changed: when stream is interrupted, last segment repeats instead of stream being ended (when Show Monoscope is set to Don't Show in General Settings) Fixed: User Agent works correctly when set for Proxy mode streams 3.2.3 [January 18, 2021] Changed: admin can preview VODs even if VODs are disabled Added: day/night themes Fixed: optimized search performance Fixed: user agent correctly set when fetching remote VODs Fixed: added sleep command to Enigma2 auto script 3.2.2 [January 9, 2021] New: Added horizontal scroll to grid for mobile devices Fixed: MAG devices can open only HLS/MPEG-TS/RTMP stream types set in System / General Settings Fixed: Improved no-video/banned/expired video creation when transcoding 3.2.0 [January 3, 2021] New: Reseller credits New: Infinite subreseller levels New: Resellers API New: Auto disable stream on low video bitrate Changed: Resellers's line settings moved from reseller to subscription plan Changed: Removed reseller option from admin groups Fixed: Restore database works only if backup file and main server versions match 3.1.5 [December 22, 2020] Changed: server management now is done only through mysql port Changed: TMDB update, EPG force reload, database backup&restore, claims sender, emails sender are automated scheduled tasks now Changed: images upload to server deprecated. Images are defined only by path or URL Fixes: fixed bug that prevented panel update of LBs under certain conditions New: tube channels for content creators (BETA) 3.1.0 [October 9, 2020] New: admins can add main panel certificate security exception to browser New: added payment gateways Changed: local rtmp streams now can be accessed without authentication Changed: Videojs replaces Flowplayer Fixed: anti drop function causing 100% cpu usage when many streams drop at once 3.0.5 [August 21, 2020] New: Added Favorites category for MAG devices Fixed: Videoclub categories for MAGs now are correctly shown Fixed: Catchup container format changed from MP4 to MKV (now all catch-up streams are seekable with VLC on Android) Fixed: API for series Fixed: Custom EPGs now are shown with API calls Fixed: Optimized DOS protection Fixed: Improved client area initial loading time Fixed: MPEG-TS container for VODs now produces correct output
  6. The PHP version of the panel requires libcurl3 but this library is automatically removed on recent Ubuntu when installing a package that requires libcurl4. The two versions of libcurl are mutually exclusive. If libcurl3 is missing, the panel PHP binary and php-fpm process manager will not work. To get the panel working again just reinstall libcurl3: apt install libcurl3 -y If you need to use the curl cli tool, you can download a static binary that doesn't need external libraries.
  7. You can manually symlink your streams directory to a directory on disk: ln -s /home/midnightstreamer/iptv_midnight_streamer/streams /disk/streams DON'T symlink the streams directory on the same disk your panel is running on. Stressing the disk where the database resides is BAD practice.
  8. One useful feature that goes hand-in-hand with Direct Streams in on-demand mode is URL Mapping. Creating MAPS allows you to dynamically change the URL or part of a URL when connecting to a remote server. Let's say you want to randomly change the username and password included in a URL of the stream, so that the remote server sees a different user who connects each time one of your users opens a certain stream on your server. Always connecting with the same user to a single stream will definitely end up with a ban. It's easy for the remote server to detect if you are restreaming, even if you've changed the user agent. With URL Mapping you can get around this type of restrictions. This is an example of how you can implement URL Mapping: First you create a stream, setting a placeholder "{my credentials}" anywhere in the URL you find useful: In Redirects & Rewrites -> Maps you can add as many MAPS as you need. In the example below we want to map {my credentials} to some username and password. The maps are chosen randomly every time the stream is started, if the stream is in on-demand mode or according to "Change map every X minutes" if it is not in on-demand mode. You can map any part of the URL including protocol, DNS and port number.
  9. Contrary to what other panels do, MidnightStreamer does not merge multiple VODs into a single immutable mega file when creating custom channels. In MidnightStreamer, Custom Channels are real dynamic live channels based on MPEG-TS feeds that can be changed on the fly without interrupting users' viewing. This method is much more fun and is similar to how professional software for TV stations works. You can combine static and live feeds, much like TV stations do when they schedule movies and live news. When the schedule expires with no new feed provided, the channel loops seamlessly and indefinitely until a new feed is provided, never interrupting users' viewing. ➡️ You can even set your custom EPG title and description for each feed/event.
  10. Proxy means to act on behalf of. I understand it can be confused with HTTP proxy. Passthrough is probably a more descriptive term here. Thank you for your suggestion!
  11. In order to connect Ministra to the panel you need to follow a few simple steps: 1) Create a new Line in the panel and set This line will be used in STALKER Portal to Yes. 2) Create a Channel in Ministra and click on "Add Link": 3) Insert the Channel URL in this format (mind the "ts" suffix): http://panel-ip:8000/live/username/password/1.ts Select "Xtream-Codes" from the dropdown list: 4) Copy your stalker key from the panel (System -> General Settings -> Stalker Key): Open (or create if not present) custom.ini in the /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server directory of your Ministra server and add your stalker key: [xtream_codes_key] xtream_key=2770afbb5aade2092adc02592c35f24a Congratulations ! You have just linked Ministra to MidnightStreamer. When a MAG device will connect to Ministra, it will be logged in the panel under the Client Connection Log. Note: In older Stalker Portals, the "Xtream-Codes" option is not present in the Temporary URL dropdown list. In this case you have to copy 3 files in the Stalker Portal: ⚠️Make a backup of your existing itv.class.php, add_itv.php and custom.ini. Copy itv.class.php to /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server/lib Copy add_itv.php to /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server/administrator Copy custom.ini to /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server itv.class.phpadd_itv.phpcustom.ini Open /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server/custom.ini and set your stalker key: [midnight_streamer_key] midnight_key=your_live_streaming_pass_here Now you can choose the MidnightStreamer IPTV Support option from the Temporary URL dropdown list.
  12. All clients with a pro or starter license have been extended the expiration date of the updates to December 31, 2023. Unfortunately, the release of V5 will shift further as we need to step up efforts on the current branch. The TODO list is still long and maintaining two branches is demanding, so we decided to prioritize important features like dynamic cache, new improved firewall, active codes and standalone installation with local activation. All V4 clients are guaranteed the upgrade to V5.
  13. Yes it can be done. No need for extra payments for suggested features.
  14. No, the Ministra player cannot be used with the MS embedded portal. The stalker option is used to connect the stalker portal with the MS panel streams.
  15. Submit a ticket. We can't find the problem you are referring to on other servers.
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