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Ministra (Stalker Portal) tmp links


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In order to connect Ministra to the panel you need to follow a few simple steps:

1) Create a new Line in the panel and set This line will be used in STALKER Portal to Yes.

2) Create a Channel in Ministra and click on "Add Link":



3) Insert the Channel URL in this format (mind the "ts" suffix):


 Select "Xtream-Codes" from the dropdown list:



4) Copy your stalker key from the panel (System -> General Settings -> Stalker Key):


Open (or create if not present) custom.ini in the


directory of your Ministra server and add your stalker key:



Congratulations ! You have just linked Ministra to MidnightStreamer.

When a MAG device will connect to Ministra, it will be logged in the panel under the Client Connection Log.



In older Stalker Portals, the "Xtream-Codes" option is not present in the Temporary URL dropdown list.

In this case you have to copy 3 files in the Stalker Portal:

⚠️Make a backup of your existing itv.class.php, add_itv.php and custom.ini.

  • Copy itv.class.php to /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server/lib
  • Copy add_itv.php to /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server/administrator
  • Copy custom.ini to /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server



Open /var/www/html/stalker_portal/server/custom.ini and set your stalker key:


Now you can choose the MidnightStreamer IPTV Support option from the Temporary URL dropdown list.


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