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URL Mapping


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One useful feature that goes hand-in-hand with Direct Streams in on-demand mode is URL Mapping.

Creating MAPS allows you to dynamically change the URL or part of a URL when connecting to a remote server.

Let's say you want to randomly change the username and password included in a URL of the stream, so that the remote server sees a different user who connects each time one of your users opens a certain stream on your server. Always connecting with the same user to a single stream will definitely end up with a ban. It's easy for the remote server to detect if you are restreaming, even if you've changed the user agent.

With URL Mapping you can get around this type of restrictions.

This is an example of how you can implement URL Mapping:

First you create a stream, setting a placeholder "{my credentials}" anywhere in the URL you find useful:



In Redirects & Rewrites -> Maps you can add as many MAPS as you need.

In the example below we want to map {my credentials} to some username and password. The maps are chosen randomly every time the stream is started, if the stream is in on-demand mode or according to "Change map every X minutes" if it is not in on-demand mode.



You can map any part of the URL including protocol, DNS and port number.

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