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4.9.6  [May 26, 2023]

Changed: for compatibility reasons, now the EPG XML includes the "desc" tag even if the EPG description is empty [core]
Fixed: direct streaming not reusing multicast bindings [core]
Fixed: catchup not working with Smarters and IPTV Stream Player [core]
Fixed: "ALL" category was empty with Smarters player [core]
Fixed: multiscreen not working with Smarters player when max connections was set to 0 [core]
Fixed: short EPG not working with Smarters player [core]
Fixed: dropping server clients not working [admin]


4.9.5  [May 21, 2023]

Changed: improved HLS security [core]
Changed: the built-in stalker portal is now open to all STB models [core]
Fixed: panel not activating under particular circumstances [core]
Fixed: Flussonic not working when max limit was set to 0 [core]


4.9.4  [May 17, 2023]

Changed: the tmp directory has been moved to the streams directory to avoid running out of space on the tmp partition [core]
Changed: the "Change Stream URL" tool now changes the entire URL, not just up to the port [admin]
Fixed: PTN VOD parser not working on systems without the "python" symlink to python2.7 [core]
Fixed: Flussonic max limit [core]


4.9.3  [May 1, 2023]

Added: reCAPTCHA [admin]
Fixed: VODs not working with "IPTV Stream Player" for Windows [core]
Fixed: cookie headers were sent when requesting API [core]
Fixed: incorrect Flussonic connections shown when "Disable Token Authentication" was set to Yes [admin]
Fixed: ordering not saved when creating new category [admin]
Fixed: Kb was shown instead of Mb when bitrate bigger than 1Mb [admin]


4.9.2  [March 28, 2023]

Added: YouTube VOD links [core]
Changed: updated video.js to latest version
Fixed: VODs not working if panel updated from v4.8.9 [core]
Fixed: YouTube live links not working [core]
Fixed: streams not starting after database restore without restarting panel [core]
Fixed: SSIPTV and SmartOne not working on LG TVs [core]


4.9.1  [March 18, 2023]

Added: option to disable Flussonic token authentication [core]
Changed: cron service is now stopped when restoring from backups [core]
Changed: current admin directories are added to the old ones after backup is restored [core]
Changed: improved panel update to make it more robust when updating from older panel versions [core]
Fixed: email backups producing incorrect content [core]
Fixed: IPTV Stream Player not working on Windows [core]


4.9.0  [March 2, 2023]

Changed: improved caching performance [core]
Changed: cronjobs recreated when full-rebuild on LB is performed [admin]
Fixed: auto-backups not creating backups under particular circumstances [core]
Fixed: UI improvements and bugfixes [admin]


4.8.9  [January 3, 2021]

Fixed: FFmpeg streams not starting under particular circumstances [core]
Fixed: minor UI fixes [admin]


4.8.8  [February 25, 2023]

Added: direct streaming continuous and on-demand mode setting
Added: direct streaming delay
Changed: improved direct streams start time in on-demand mode by 20% [core]
Changed: resellers dashboard messages converted to groups dashboard messages [admin]
Fixed: auto assign EPG for all streams not working [core]


4.8.7  [February 18, 2023]

Added: activation codes mass creation
Added: custom date / datetime format [admin]
Changed: direct and on-demand streams can now be changed in mass edit streams without selecting LBs [admin]
Changed: when creating lines and MAGs, non-reseller admins have to choose bouquets instead of subscription plans
Changed: resellers can choose IP, UA and ISP lock when creating and editing lines / MAGs [admin]
Changed: resellers can choose enigma2 bouquets when extending lines [admin]
Changed: the migration tool now warns if wrong database parameters are supplied [admin]
Changed: resellers can change their DNS in the profile settings [admin]
Fixed: lines and MAGs grid searching showing error [admin]


4.8.6  [February 10, 2023]

Changed: Proxy Streams renamed to Direct Streams [admin]
Fixed: copy bouquets not working [admin]
Fixed: web player login
Fixed: streams list truncated in web player when EPG contains unclosed HTML tags


4.8.5  [February 5, 2023]

Added: custom archive directory path
Changed: improved UI navigation for touch devices [admin]
Fixed: creating episodes from series page not working [admin]


4.8.3  [January 24, 2023]

Changed: Stalker Portal and Ministra no longer use the panel API key for tmp links but a dedicated key instead (SYSTEM -> General Settings -> Stalker Key)
Fixed: category mass edit for streams and VODs not working [admin]


4.8.2  [January 20, 2023]

Added: HTTP proxy for load balancers
Added: allow external PHP scripts option for LBs


4.8.1  [January 13, 2023]

Added: IPv6 support
Added: folder watch max items
Changed: special chars can now be used in Line usernames and passwords
Changed: left menu is now scrollable [admin]


4.8.0  [December 31, 2022]

Added: TMDb genre to category / bouquets conversion (SYSTEM -> Folder Watch settings)
Changed: watch folders can be added and edited from the Watch Folders list [admin]
Changed: all schedule settings (auto-backups, cache sync, folder watch scanner) are rounded to fit cron [admin]
Fixed: minor bugfixes


4.7.9  [December 23, 2022]

Added: auto assign EPG to streams (SYSTEM -> Tools)
Changed: live / VOD / series categories are now separated into distinct sections [admin]
Fixed: delay in saving forms when many LBs are used [admin]


4.7.8  [December 19, 2022]

Added: TMDb search for VODs and series [admin]
Added: PTN and GuessIt VOD parsers
Added: append year to VODs and series [admin]
Changed: by default the auto-update TMDb tool updates only VODs without previous TMDb info (an option to update all VODs has been added) [admin]
Fixed: resellers lines table error message [admin]
Fixed: xc api (panel_api.php) [core]


4.7.7  [December 5, 2022]

Added: EPG preview [admin]
Changed: streams, custom channels and VODs view grouped by server [admin]
Fixed: "Secure LB Connections" setting not working when copying VODs on LBs [core]


4.7.5  [November 28, 2022]

Added: settings to optimize cache
Added: fetch records limit setting for tables [admin]
Added: Flussonic connections visible in Client Connection Log [admin]
Added: search for services in bouquet editing [admin]
Changed: HLS rate limiter. Now HLS connections are limited per server [core]
Fixed: stream monitor using 100% CPU when too many streams fail [core]


4.7.4  [November 18, 2022]

Changed: ajax async calls in admin area [admin]
Changed: cache ttl increased to 5 minutes [core]
Fixed: include all tracks setting not working correctly [core]
Fixed: proxy streams not working on multilevel LBs [core]


4.7.3  [November 15, 2022]

Added: scheduled local backups
Added: sort by CPU/mem usage and kill PIDs [admin]
Added: server edit API [core]
Added: filename text overlay for VODs
Changed: added CONNECTION_NORMAL check for live streams and VODs [core]
Changed: added trial lines and MAGs to migration tool [core]
Changed: login page is displayed when session expires [admin]
Fixed: admin password could not be changed [admin]
Fixed: ffprobe remaining in memory when unsuccessfully probing proxy stream sources [core]


4.7.0  [November 7, 2022]

Changed: now multiple Admin Directories can be added
Changed: cache is updated instantly on LBs when changing settings on panel
Changed: LBs are now installed directly from main server
Fixed: incorrect LBs time offset [core]
Fixed: no audio when transcoding with multiple bitrates [core]
Fixed: error showing when deleting MAGs [admin]


4.6.7  [October 31, 2022]

Added: fast reload option for servers [admin]
Changed: enhanced check for idle proxy streams [core]
Fixed: wrong custom channel feed times [admin]


4.6.5  [October 28, 2022]

Added: Let's Encrypt certificates
Added: custom map search and select [admin]
Changed: improved streams start time [core]


4.6.3  [October 22, 2022]

Added: category ordering
Added: option to rename admin directory [admin]
Added: license info [admin]
Changed: improved anti-drop [core]
Changed: improved on demand streams start time [core]
Changed: gzip compression enabled by default
Fixed: HLS connections not showing in Closed Connections Log [admin]
Fixed: live feeds info not showing in custom channels [admin]
Fixed: enigma2 auto-script command [admin]


4.6.0  [October 10, 2022]

Added: flussonic token authentication
Changed: ffmpeg tee muxer used only for rtmp/udp and adaptive streaming. Single streams now use the segment muxer [core]
Changed: improved caching system [core]
Fixed: minor security fixes


4.5.9  [September 28, 2022]

Changed: enabled fingerprints for HLS connections
Changed: improved opening time for proxy streams [core]
Changed: improved caching [core]
Fixed: proxy streams not closing in particular circumstances [core]
Fixed: HLS not working if Max Allowed Connections was not set to unlimited [core]


4.5.7  [September 21, 2022]

Added: process level CPU / memory monitor under System -> CPU / Mem Usage [admin]
Added: support for Ubuntu 22
Added: new option to hide Favorites in category list for MAG devices
Changed: all settings are cached now. After lines and streams are enabled/disabled, you need to wait about 30s for the changes to take effect [core]
Changed: ssh2 pecl extension replaced with phpseclib [core]
Changed: the curl Cli tool can now be used without interfering with the libraries required by the panel
Changed: the migration tool is now compatible with the Xui One database [core]
Changed: favorites moved below "All" category in stalker portal [core]
Fixed: preview on LB streams not working [admin]
Fixed: backup tool doing backups twice [core]
Fixed: custom channels restarting every minute after last panel update [core]
Fixed: favorites not showing in stalker portal with streams not belonging to a category [core]
Fixed: in some cases channels not showing in "All" category right after loading portal [core]
Fixed: panel reset tool not working [admin]
Fixed: no need to save streams after migrating from xc database [core]


4.5.5  [August 31, 2022]

New: added support for newest MAG devices to stalker portal
Changed: reduced anti-drop CPU usage by 80% [core]
Changed: default use of redis for caching [core]
Changed: 404 error code changed to 403 error code when restrictions applied in API/scripts download /client area/enigma2 [core]
Fixed: open last played channel after loading portal [core]
Fixed: username/password not generated automatically when not provided with API [core]
Fixed: checking for username existence when creating new lines with API did not work [core]


4.5.1  [April 27, 2022]

Added: Segment Time on stream level
Changed: improved auto stream restart [core]
Changed: increased timeout for proxied streams from 20s to 60s [core]
Fixed: clients not being split correctly among LBs after update to version 4.5.0 [core]


4.5.0  [April 15, 2022]

Added: youtube search in streams
Changed: proxy streams are dropped within 1 minute of starting (not 10 seconds as before) [core]
Changed: ffmpeg streams are restarted immediately after issuing the command [core]
Changed: servers must have HTTPs port open in order for them be able to receive commands (server reboot, stream restart, disconnect clients...) [core]
Changed: proxy VODs are no longer copied across LBs after preparation. Instead, they are read directly from the source [core]
Changed: due to the implementation of a new streaming engine, monoscope is deprecated
Changed: removed Proxy Drop Timeout from General Settings [admin][core]
Changed: now Client Connection Log shows connections in real time (no 5 seconds delay) [admin]
Changed: automatic redirect to referrer on logout after timeout [admin]
Fixed: GPU0 was always used during decoding when GPUs other than the first were selected [core]
Fixed: Device ID is now taken into account even when encoding only [core]


4.2.2  [December 16, 2021]

Fixed: players based on exoplayer (among which also smarters's internal player) were slow at opening streams [core]


4.2.1  [December 13, 2021]

Added: trial lines and MAGs
Changed: resellers can now see only their own entries in Logins Log [admin]
Changed: now all logos must be local [admin]
Changed: there is no need to add a security exception to browser anymore [admin]
Changed: added Subscription Plan column to Credits Log [admin]
Changed: admins using the same PC/device now have their grid settings saved separately in the browser's local storage
Fixed: added copytb and removed igndts parameter from ffmpeg command when streamcopying which was causing artifacts and audio loss when copying from h264 with variable frame rate streams [core]
Fixed: stream backups not working when "Pull Stream Backups Simultaneously" was set to No [core]
Fixed: bouquet IDs where logged instead of Subscription Plan in Activity Log when editing Lines/MAGs [admin]
Fixed: login "remember me" not working with chrome and edge [admin]
Fixed: proxy stream timeout was hardcoded to 4 seconds. Now the timeout respects the value set in General Settings [core]


4.1.5  [November 17, 2021]

Changed: MAG portal can now be accessed with https [core]
Fixed: MAG connection to https port [core]
Fixed: Adaptive streaming not working when using external streams [core]
Fixed: MAG portal logos (not picons) were logged as authenticated users [core]


4.1.2  [November 7, 2021]

Added: user registration [admin]
Changed: optimized queries for 100k+ records [admin]
Fixed: language translations [admin]


4.1.1  [October 22, 2021]

Added: fail-safe stream start. This prevents the server from becoming unresponsive when a large number of streams or channels are started at the same time [core]
Added: tickets [admin]
Added: reseller notes for lines, MAGs and enigma2 [admin]
Added: button to copy reseller dashboard to all resellers [admin]
Changed: resellers can now see only their own lines/MAGs claims [admin]
Fixed: incorrect header height for resellers when using credits [admin]
Fixed: header search not working properly for resellers [admin]


4.1.0  [September 22, 2021]

Changed: decreased garbage collector interval from 60s to 30s resulting in a reduced memory usage [core]
Changed: added the database table "bouquets" to local cache [core]
Changed: non-proxied streams are now marked as not functioning when they cannot be started for the first time [admin]
Fixed: countdown timer not showing the correct start time in no-video and line banned/expired videos [core]


4.0.3  [August 20, 2021]

Added: hardsub/softsub for VOD
Added: multiple subtitles for VOD
Added: countdown timer for VOD
Changed: images used for overlaying and subtitles files have to be manually copied to LBs now
Fixed: panel was activated even if wrong mysql password was provided during installation
Fixed: subtitles not being saved in VOD [admin]


4.0.2  [June 28, 2021]

This update converts your subscription to a lifetime license including a year of free updates and support.

Added: caching for servers and settings [core]
Added: check for geoip and binaries file size during auto update [core]
Added: hash check for admin area PHP files [core] [admin]
Changed: licensing is not bound to midnightstreamer servers anymore
Changed: cache serialization through igbinary instead of PHP native serialization [core]
Changed: cache storage moved from apc to tmpfs [core]
Changed: now it is possible to restore the database to panels with different IDs [core]
Changed: optimized grid columns widths [admin]
Fixed: API for MAG not working if MAC address was used instead of MAG ID [core]
Fixed: dashboard warning for LB servers malfunction not working correctly [admin]


4.0.1  [June 10, 2021]

Added: auto check for libcurl3 (in case has been upgraded by other packages)
Fixed: feed info not showing in channels [admin]
Fixed: file browser not showing files in VOD/Channels/Posters [admin]
Fixed: proxy stream info not showing stream info when clicking proxy icon [admin]


4.0.0  [June 2, 2021]

This is a major panel upgrade to the new version 4 that completely deprecates the CMS. 

At the end of the installation you can manage your panel directly on your server:



3.3.6 [May 9, 2021]

Added: expire date to MAPS
Changed: database collation from utf8mb4_bin to utf8_general_ci
Fixed: empty reference was created in EPG xml file if custom EPG SID was empty
Fixed: VOD/Series not shown inside categories in Enigma2 plugin


3.3.5  [May 7, 2021]

Added: Allow Direct Connections to LBs (LBs can act as a Secondary Main Servers)
Added: GeoIP db versions in security center
Fixed: If set, reseller's hostname was used when connecting to LB instead of server IP


3.3.4  [April 27, 2021]

Added: proxy drop timeout parameter
Changed: removed source headers check for proxy streams
Changed: removed network interface check when starting streams from LB servers


3.3.2  [April 17, 2021]

Added: mapping
Added: random backup stream picking
Added: option to start stream only if network interface is up


3.3.1  [April 2, 2021]

Added: subcategories
Added: activation code for auto account activation
Added: admins can change Client Area URL
Added: software decoding -> NVENC/QSV encoding
Changed: proxy local VODs are read direcly without preparing/remaking
Changed: streams/VODs are set to disabled after importing from m3u
Fixed: subscription plan is reset when resellers save lines/MAGs without extending


3.3.0  [March 27, 2021]

Added: resellers can move/remove bouquets
Added: resellers can customize logo/copyrights
Added: XC api support
Added: short URL form for ts streams
Added: Etag header to EPG
Changed: series episodes are listed in separate grids
Fixed: claim email sent two times
Fixed: EPG not updating automatically with some providers


3.2.5  [February 24, 2021]

Added: Stream Name filter to incoming RTMP streams in RTMP Push Management / Security
Added: Unicast/Multicast UDP output in streams and channels
Added: Proxies/VPNs/Providers/Tor filters to script download and client area
Changed: logo images cache folder moved to tmp folder
Fixed: Filter Graphs/transcoding not working correctly in RTMP output when adaptive streaming is set
Fixed: RTMP drop command not working when multiple incoming streams from the same IP are present
Fixed: Optimized execution speed of Stop/Start All Streams
Fixed: VODs are shown in stalker portal even if no category is set


3.2.4  [January 29, 2021]

New: added anti-drop delay parameter in General Settings
New: added Folder Watch for VODs
New: added selective filters for clients connecting from proxies/VPNs/Hosting providers/Tor exit nodes
Changed: IP analyzer is deprecated. Anonymous IP database is used instead 
Changed: Streams/VODs/Channel Feeds imports are scheduled tasks now
Changed: added http_proxy environment variable for Proxied Streams and VODs
Changed: when stream is interrupted, last segment repeats instead of stream being ended (when Show Monoscope is set to Don't Show in General Settings)
Fixed: User Agent works correctly when set for Proxy mode streams


3.2.3  [January 18, 2021]

Changed: admin can preview VODs even if VODs are disabled
Added: day/night themes
Fixed: optimized search performance
Fixed: user agent correctly set when fetching remote VODs
Fixed: added sleep command to Enigma2 auto script


3.2.2  [January 9, 2021]

New: Added horizontal scroll to grid for mobile devices
Fixed: MAG devices can open only HLS/MPEG-TS/RTMP stream types set in System / General Settings
Fixed: Improved no-video/banned/expired video creation when transcoding


3.2.0  [January 3, 2021]

New: Reseller credits
New: Infinite subreseller levels
New: Resellers API
New: Auto disable stream on low video bitrate
Changed: Resellers's line settings moved from reseller to subscription plan
Changed: Removed reseller option from admin groups
Fixed: Restore database works only if backup file and main server versions match


3.1.5  [December 22, 2020]

Changed: server management now is done only through mysql port
Changed: TMDB update, EPG force reload, database backup&restore, claims sender, emails sender are automated scheduled tasks now
Changed: images upload to server deprecated. Images are defined only by path or URL
Fixes: fixed bug that prevented panel update of LBs under certain conditions
New: tube channels for content creators (BETA)


3.1.0  [October 9, 2020]

New: admins can add main panel certificate security exception to browser
New: added payment gateways
Changed: local rtmp streams now can be accessed without authentication
Changed: Videojs replaces Flowplayer
Fixed: anti drop function causing 100% cpu usage when many streams drop at once


3.0.5  [August 21, 2020]

New: Added Favorites category for MAG devices
Fixed: Videoclub categories for MAGs now are correctly shown
Fixed: Catchup container format changed from MP4 to MKV (now all catch-up streams are seekable with VLC on Android)
Fixed: API for series
Fixed: Custom EPGs now are shown with API calls
Fixed: Optimized DOS protection
Fixed: Improved client area initial loading time
Fixed: MPEG-TS container for VODs now produces correct output

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