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How to add a new language to the panel (Admin UI)


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Copy the en directory containing all language files for English to another directory. In this example we will use xy.

cp -r /home/midnightstreamer/iptv_midnight_streamer/wwwdir/admin/application/language/en /home/midnightstreamer/iptv_midnight_streamer/wwwdir/admin/application/language/xy


Open the form_lang.php language file and edit the $lang['form_panel_language'] variable:

$lang['form_panel_language'] = 'English';


$lang['form_panel_language'] = 'Language1';


Now the new language will show on both the default language list in General Settings and in the administrator profile:



You can now customize any text of the panel in your own language editing these three files:

  • form_lang.php (file containing translations for fields and hints)
  • help_lang.php (file containing translations for the contextual help)
  • menu_lang.php (file containing translations for the left menu entries)


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