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Player API


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Player API

Note: The API Does not provide Full links to the requested stream. You have to build the url to the stream in order to play it.

  • For Live Streams the main format is

           http(s)://domain:port/live/username/password/streamID.ext ( In  allowed_output_formats element you have the available ext )

  • For VOD Streams the format is:

    http(s)://domain:port/live/username/password/streamID.ext ( In  target_container element you have the available ext )

On the First Authentication Call, you will get a list of some useful elements. If the server_protocol element is https you have to force all the API & Player Requests to be through https. The same Call, also provides the http(s) ports in case you need them as well as the domain name you should use.
The current datetime & timestamps are offered to you and can help you for time corrections for EPG & TV Archive.

If you want to limit the displayed output data, you can use offset / items per page / page number as the last three segments of the API call.

E.g. http(s)://domain:port/api/player/{username}/{password}/live/streams/4/20/7 (fetch streams for user {username} from the 4th stream on, 20 streams per page, fetch the 7th page)

It is highly recommended to fetch all data at once and cache them to your Application.





GET Live Stream Categories


GET VOD Stream Categories



GET Series Categories

api/player/{username}/{password}/series_cat (This will get All Series Categories)
api/player/{username}/{password}/series_cat/{category_id} (This will get All Series in the selected category ONLY)


GET LIVE Streams

api/player/{username}/{password}/live/streams (This will get All LIVE Streams)
api/player/{username}/{password}/live/streams/{category_id} (This will get All LIVE Streams in the selected category ONLY)

GET VOD Streams

api/player/{username}/{password}/vod/streams (This will get All VOD Streams)
api/player/{username}/{password}/vod/streams/{category_id} (This will get All VOD Streams in the selected category ONLY)


GET Series Seasons and Episodes

api/player/{username}/{password}/series/seasons/{series_id} (This will get All Seasons of the selected series ONLY)
api/player/{username}/{password}/series/episodes/{series_id}/{season_number} (This will get All Episodes in the selected season of the selected series ONLY)


GET Catch-up

api/player/{username}/{password}/catchup/{stream_id} (This will get all catchup info for the choosen stream such as event name, start date, end timestamp, catchup URL and event description)


api/player/{username}/{password}/vod/info/{vod_id} (This will get info such as video codecs, duration, description, directors for 1 VOD)


GET Series Episode Info

api/player/{username}/{password}/series/info/{vod_id} (This will get info such as video codecs, duration, description, directors for 1 VOD)

GET short epg for LIVE Streams (same as stalker portal, prints the upcoming EPG events that will play next)

api/player/{username}/{password}/epg/short/{stream_id}/{offset}/{items_per_page}/{page_number} (You can specify a limit too appending offset/items_per_page/page_number to the URL)

GET ALL EPG for LIVE Streams (same as stalker portal, but it will print all EPG listings regardless of the day)



Full EPG List for all Streams



Get Archive URL



Get EPG Date TXT File



Get EPG Timestamp TXT File



Get Line Messages



Send Claims

api/player/{username}/{password}/send_claim/{stream_id}/{claim_type} (claim_type can be sound, video, no_epg, wrong_epg)


Set Favorites for Live channels, VOD and Radio



Set Favorites for Series



Check Parent Password

api/player/{username}/{password}/check_parent_password/{password} (returns True or False)


Change Parent Password

api/player/{username}/{password}/change_parent_password/{current_parent_password}/{new_parent_password} (returns False is current_parent_password is wrong)


Get Speed Test URL



 Download arbitrary File located in folder /home/midnightstreamer/iptv_midnight_streamer/download



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